Like a princess by H&M.

Sustainable style just got to the next level – and who would have thought – thanks to H&M. Lace dress, worn by Crown Princess Mary of Denmark, is one of the many jewels in this spring’s H&M Conscious Exclusive Collection.                      Pictures from here, here, here and here.

Stylish work bag.

Here is a stylish work bag: Michael Kors large Hamilton slate lizard-embossed leather. At first I was hesitant to order online without seeing it in person because sometimes python/croc/ostrich leathers can be too hard and plastic looking. I was also worried about the bag being too shiny. This bag however is gorgeous, feminine and elegant. The […]

Pretty. And pretty ugly.

Most self proclaimed fashion enthusiats are nothing but fashion victms, which is not a good thing. They are in fact, victms of the trends they follow, or worse, they want themselves to be the trend- they end up wearing a weird shape, color, both weird shape and color, or whatever will make them stand out in […]

The devil wears L.Credi.

Who said the devil wears Prada ? Maybe it is L.Credi. Yes, L.Credi. This gorgeous handbag is made of genuine leather in Italy. Selling for 149 Ca$ at Town Shoes (although Town Shoes sells many L.Credi handbags, this specific model is available in stores only). More L.Credi at tkmaxx here. A real fashion find !

Super freak.

Little Miss Sunshine is an incredibly popular movie that came out 6 years ago. Since then, I always wanted to watch it but somehow never did. Until yesterday. This irresistible comedy is about a seven-year old girl, Olive, who qualifies for the “Little Miss Sunshine” beauty pageant to be held in California. Without money to fly, Olive’s dysfunctional family embrace her dream to win Little […]

Toxic lab.

Last year I attended a seminar where the speaker (Dean of X department at Y University) concluded her talk with the following advice of a survival guide for PhD students and postdocs : “The rule #1 when swimming with sharks is : if you get bitten, don’t bleed”. These cute playmobil images reminded just that. […]

Trust no one.

Damages is by far my favorite TV series in the past decade. Damages is filled with ambition, mystery, intrigue and drama. Glenn Close delivers an astonishing performance as she plays Patty Hewes, a complicated character and powerfull high-stakes litigation lawyer who never loses. But the show goes beyond law, politics and headlines- it is really about power, trust […]

Mirrorless Interchangeable Lens Cameras.

Wondering what will happen to Nikon’s 1 system and their small sensor, what to expect from Canon, and what’s “nex” for Sony NEX series… I’m dying to buy a Nikon interchangeable, but a slightly larger sensor wouldn’t be bad… UPDATE 25/07/2012 : Canon just released their first mirrorless interchangeable. Not impressed by the features (sensor […]