Copyright notice and Disclaimer

©2009-2017 lady and the lab / the lab book of my life.

©2009-2017 lady and the lab first went live in 2009 on Blogger. Since then it was redesigned and moved to WordPress to include ©2017 the lab book of my life.

The contents of this blog and my writing and ideas are protected by Canadian Copyright law. Unauthorized use is forbiden and strictly prohibited. Content including text, images and artwork, shall not be reproduced or distributed without express written permittion (see “lady and the lab” section for contact). Posts and and its contents shall be mentionned if credit is given to “lady and the lab” with reference to

The utmost effort has been made to ensure that credit was given and that permission for use of known copyrighted works was sought. No ownership is claimed for images not produced by the author of this site. Usage of any copyrighted material that could be construed as outside of the fair-use doctrine or has been used without permission is completely unintentional. If you are the rightful owner of any material published in my blog and you have not received proper or correct credit, please email me and I will  immediately insert, remove or correct a credit.


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