Stylish work bag.

Here is a stylish work bag: Michael Kors large Hamilton slate lizard-embossed leather. At first I was hesitant to order online without seeing it in person because sometimes python/croc/ostrich leathers can be too hard and plastic looking. I was also worried about the bag being too shiny. This bag however is gorgeous, feminine and elegant. The leather is soft yet structured with a delicate grain and very subtle shine. The color is neutral, grayish with some light purple undertones (see below for color indoors and in natural light). This is definitely a work bag and will fit ipad or laptop, lunch box, wallet, sunglasses, a sweater etc etc. I am 160 cm and it looks big on me (this is the maximum size I would consider wearing for a handbag) but still looks beautiful and fits everything I need for work purposes + it also comes with a very practical sholder strap for easy toting. This bag is a keeper !!!! I like it so much that I am considering buying a smaller Hamilton (the satchel, and maybe the mini Hamilton) as an evening bag. Can’t decide between the Hamilton satchel/mini and the large Sloan quilted as an evening bag though. Timeless and classic !

michael kors hamilton 1

michael kors hamilton 2

michael kors hamilton 3

michael kors hamilton 7

michael kors hamilton 9

michael kors hamilton 8

michael kors hamilton 10

michael kors hamilton 4

michael kors hamilton 5

michael kors hamilton 6


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